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Get ready for an awesome display of R.A.W. power . . .

In November of 2021, the R.A.W. enjoyed a residency as the first fellow of the University of Oregon’s Center for Art Research/Knight Campus Project Incubator program. This residency took place inside the sparkling new Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, located… Continue Reading “Get ready for an awesome display of R.A.W. power . . .”

Berlin Art LInk interview

Excited here about a recent feature by William Kherbek on The Unnaming of Aliass in Berlin Art Link: The Bioerotic Universe: An Interview with Karin Bolender.

Review of Unnaming in Burlington Contemporary

Mari Batashevski wrote a probing and thoughtful review of The Unnaming of Aliass for Burlington Contemporary. Mari’s website offers a thrilling syllabus/resource for a course called Clever Monkey–Stubborn Donkey.

R.A.W. INterview with MoreThanHuman Matters

The R.A.W. is honored to be featured in the latest from the Morethanhuman Matters series of interviews with scholars, artists, and others engaging in more-than-human realms of study and practice. The series is presented by the wonderful anthropologist, Sophie Chao, on her morethanhumanworlds site.… Continue Reading “R.A.W. INterview with MoreThanHuman Matters”

The One Minutes’s “Imagine the earth is your lover,” curated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

The R.A.W. and She-Haw are thrilled to have a little video called “She-Haw Rope Tricks” included as a part of an ecosex series called “Imagine the Earth is Your Lover,” curated by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle and hosted by The One Minutes. The… Continue Reading “The One Minutes’s “Imagine the earth is your lover,” curated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens”

R.A.W. ‘Mirror Shots’ for Explorations of Now

Beginning on the bright morning/evening of August 31 and ending in smoky darkness on September 10, the R.A.W. was honored to take part in an exchange across time zones/oceans through a series of workshops at Kultivator in Sweden. These workshops were part of Explorations… Continue Reading “R.A.W. ‘Mirror Shots’ for Explorations of Now”

Kultivating m<Other Tongues

As part of the marvelous Multispecies Storytelling exhibition and conference that took place in Vaxjo, Sweden, Kultivator and the R.A.W. collaborated in a project that invited aspiring multispecies storytellers to join us in a dusty, transoceanic co-elaboration of m<other tongue culturing amidst meshes of entangled… Continue Reading “Kultivating m<Other Tongues”

Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice (Vaxjo, Sweden)

– a collaboration between The Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Linnæus University and Växjö Konsthall. The project is generously supported by The Seed Box, Linköping University. I am excited and honored to participate as both artist and a keynote presenter–alongside the venerable Vinciane Despret,… Continue Reading “Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice (Vaxjo, Sweden)”

Here Come the Ecosexuals!

On July 19th, the R.A.W. was beyond thrilled to welcome world-renowned performance artists and ecosexual revolutionaries Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle for the Philomath, Oregon premiere of their magical new film about the pleasures and perils of living and loving on a watery planet .… Continue Reading “Here Come the Ecosexuals!”

M/others and Future Humans

Patricia Piccinini. Big Mother, 2005. Courtesy of the artist. In association with the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and The Multispecies Salon, R.A.W. is excited to contribute to the buzzing energies of a curatorial swarm bringing together the international curatorial project, M/Others and Future… Continue Reading “M/others and Future Humans”