The R.A.W. PostLibrary Generator is on.

The R.A.W. PostLibrary Generator (PLG) is a site-specific system that opens space for experimental forms of collaborative and more-than-human co-composing and new attentions to unpredictable weathers, microbiomes, temporalities, and watersheds.

Developed through a 2021-2022 CFAR Project Incubator fellowship with the University of Oregon’s Center for Art Research and Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, the R.A.W. PostLibrary Generator (PLG) is a site-specific system that powers the PostLibrary in new ways, engaging with compost methods and seasonal creekflow. Designed to hold hot R.A.W. manure compost in contact with a local flow of cold water, the PLG system generates a small amount of voltage through a special thermoelectric compost-generator device created with UO Technical Sciences Administration and Knight Campus engineers Geordi Helmick and Clifford Dax. For more details and updates, stay tuned to the R.A.W. PostLibrary. . . .

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