R.A.W. PostLibrary

Open now . . .

First opening in association with Eugene Contemporary Art and ANTI-AESTHETIC’s Common Ground, curated by Agnese Cebere, The R.A.W. PostLibrary began as an ecological LivingArtResearch performance-residency, exploring the hyperlocal/hyperglobal ecologies of staying-at-home, whatever “home” might mean.

Located in Noon, a little west of Philomath, Oregon, the R.A.W. PostLibrary is stewarded by Karin Bolender (aka K-Haw Hart), and its structure operates as a platform for collaborative material exchange where ideas might grow and multiply, dissolve and transform. Among many other barbed questions, the PostLibrary asks ‘what comes after the book?’ Through collaboration with RAW inhabitants and a local and trans-oceanic pulping posse, and with primacy given to local waterways and weathers, the PostLibrary has been developing slowly in pandemic time, growing organically through diverse contributions of flora and fauna, human movers and diggers, friends and strangers, and exchanges virtual and material.

The PostLibrary is literally a library on a fence-post, designed and built by Sean Hart and K-Haw mostly out of materials found around the R.A.W. during pandemic lockdown in early April 2020. But it is also a conceptual proposition that questions how we might together practice unexpected forms of exchange and co-composition amidst all the different inhabitants of places, whether mammalian or microbial or otherwise. With traditional libraries closed these days, the R.A.W. PostLibrary proposes that we open new kinds of exploratory space for porous storytelling and knowledge-making exchanges—beyond the book-bound anthropocentric and bibliometric models and industrial supply chains we tend to take for granted.

The remote-residency site for Common Ground, which ran from April to October 2020, featured dispatches and reflections from the PostLibrary’s home pastures and forests. These posts will eventually be archived here.

Meanwhile, more contents/scores/processes, and of course posts, are on the way as the R.A.W. PostLibrary continues to open and open and open. . . .