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Domaci Veci/Domestic Matter show at Galerie Califia in Czech Republic

R.A.W. Assmilk Soap was included this spring in a show called Domaci Veci/Domestic Matter, April 2 – May 8 at Galerie Califia in Horazdovice, Czech Republic, along with works by Barbara Benish, Cristina Corso, Lenka Klodova, and a collection of ArtMill students’ artist’s books….

Multispecies Picnic at Goddard College’s Making, Meaning, & Context Festival

The Multispecies Picnic–an outgrowth of the Multispecies Salon–laid out a rare assortment of tantalizing delicacies in the cafeteria at Goddard College on October 15th, as part of a festival called Making, Meaning &Context: A Radical Reconsideration of Art’s Work, hosted by Goddard’s MFA-Interdisciplinary Arts…

Orland or bust! (or, the R.A.W. rolls Westward ’til the wheels fall off . . .)

The Big Ass Family Roadtrip rolled the R.A.W. et al out of Carnesville on September 12, heading West for our destination of Orland: greener pastures and goldblack buttes in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. We howled across the borders of nine American states…