In association with the R.A.W. PostLibrary, opening since 2020, and other anarchival PostLibrary nodes for speculative friction in places past and yet-to-come. Also in association and collaboration with Fuel Ladder and appreciating support from the UO Center for Art Research and the Ford Family Foundation. 

Coming soon! Newest branch of R.A.W. PostLibrary to open in Paradise

This sign marks space claimed as a Staging Area for Phase 2 of Paradise PostLibrary construction. This project requires land, a great deal of land. All the land you stand on, and then some. The back forty first, then all the other back forties of whatever size they happen to be, whatever lives they make possible. Imminent domain.

This area will be used for staging and temporary storage of building materials and equipment* for Phase 2. A Necessary Tunnel. And then some.

Pardon our dust! (And try not to breathe it.) Advancing impact is a goal we must all rally behind.

Every effort is being made to ensure associated activities will be maintained during the Construction Project.

Every effort will be made to assure that this Construction will (not) disrupt the advancing impact of the future being built upon this


Welcoming local authors to the Anti-Future Home/Site of the Paradise PostLibrary. . . .

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