R.A.W. ‘Mirror Shots’ for Explorations of Now

Beginning on the bright morning/evening of August 31 and ending in smoky darkness on September 10, the R.A.W. was honored to take part in an exchange across time zones/oceans through a series of workshops at Kultivator in Sweden. These workshops were part of Explorations of Now — a collaboration of Kultivator, the Institute for Future Studies, and Cullberg.

The premise of the R.A.W. Mirror Shots exchange for Explorations of Now is a play on Wild-West sharpshooter Annie Oakley’s famous mirror-shot trick, in which she would take aim at a target behind her back using a handheld mirror. Standing in the moment, in the ashes of the past and present looking forward and backward at the same time, this trick aims to seek paths toward making better futures for all earthly lives. Through recorded voices, handwritten messages, and some still and video images, the R.A.W. made reflections in the here-and-now of the workshops at Kultivator as they unfolded, each over several days. See the Kultivator/Explorations of Now site and this wonderful video document for more on the workshops and the project:

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