Kultivating m<Other Tongues

A round-table gathering, meal, and celebration of microbial entanglements with all gathered in the barn at Kultivator in January 2019, kicking off the Kutlivating M<Other Tongues collaboration. Photo by Anton.

As part of the marvelous Multispecies Storytelling exhibition and conference that took place in Vaxjo, Sweden, Kultivator and the R.A.W. collaborated in a project that invited aspiring multispecies storytellers to join us in a dusty, transoceanic co-elaboration of m<other tongue culturing amidst meshes of entangled companions, both seemingly familiar and wildly unknown. Beginning with a round-table gathering at Kultivator in Dyestad in the days before the conference, we came together in the barn for a multispecies meal and sharing of m<other tongue cultures with the farm’s resident horses, cows, human and canine visitors, and untold others in that lofty inclusive space. We then brought the assemblage of this gathering to Linneaus University in Vaxjo, where participants were invited to track and contribute to the growth of these particular m<other tongue cultures across various media–including embroidery along the lines of a beautiful tablecloth made by Kultivator.

img_7189 2
Table settings, with plates featuring images of microbial cultures of some of the equine and bovine guests. Photo by Anton.

This round-table collaboration explores different aesthetic and material ways of tracing untold (indeed, untellable) stories, as we cultivate unique attentive spaces for often-excluded and/or subvisible companions–not only big warm mammalian storytelling bodies but also the vital nameless spaces-between that brim with significant exchanges.

The R.A.W. is thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with Kultivator and all who took part in this wondrous gathering in the barn. More on this to come!

Burberry enjoying the oatmeal and apples at the Kutivating m<Other Tongues gathering. Photo by Natalie.
K-Haw and Malin at Kultivator presenting a foray in culturing as part of the Kultivating M<Other Tongues collaboration. Photo by Natalie.

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