M/others and Future Humans

 Patricia piccinini   Big mother,  2005  Courtesy of the artist

Patricia Piccinini. Big Mother, 2005. Courtesy of the artist.

In association with the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and The Multispecies Salon, R.A.W. is excited to contribute to the buzzing energies of a curatorial swarm bringing together the international curatorial project, M/Others and Future Humans.

This ongoing project will bring together works by international artists to explore radical perspectives on m/otherhood and care of others in an era of frayed hopes, environmental devastations, and ever-shifting biotechnologies. An open call in 2018 gathered a cadre of exhilarating proposals. Some of these works were featured in a M/others and Future Humans exhibition at the Anthropocene Campus in Melbourne, Australia in Fall 2018. More exhibitions, symposia, and unforeseen emergences are yet to come in 2020 and beyond.

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