Postdomestic Cowgirl


Photograph by Jacob Pablo Mitas

The Postdomestic Cowgirl is the new-minted name for a jag of research and rumination relating to the roots of domesticity among mammalian companion species. I have rustled the term “postdomestic” from historian Richard Bulliet (see his Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers) and poet Claire Hero (see her Sing, Mongrel). Here we will investigate certain tangly tricks and ties that bind us, humans and bovines and equines and caprines and ovines, and of course canids and felines, and those others who thrive on the fringes of our posts, our fenceposts, our postdomestic lives.

Much more to come of this exploration . . . but right now I must go outside and attend to the pressing problem of Princess and Waffle pressing down the pasture fence to get to the little bit of green grass on the other side. The weight of bovine desires weighs heavy sometimes.


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